Written by people who touched my life.

Ron Holland receives Lifetime Achievement Award .....honouring a designer who has made an indelible impression on the yachting industry.., Boat International Design and Innovation Awards, 2019.

   Celebrated yacht designer Ron Holland drew his first yacht at 19 years of age. He rapidly made a name for himself as one of the most successful and sought-after designers in the highly competitive world of international ocean racing, before advancing to bigger things. His seminal influence on the then-new category of superyachts, those toys of the rich and super-rich, brought him fresh success, and an introduction to a world of fascinating personalities: business tycoons, royalty and rock stars.

For over 50 years Holland has developed unique relationships with his international clients, allowing him an intimate view of social and economic trends during the early days of the new millennium.


Len White

Why Me is a must read for all Australians who remember Australia as Dorothea Mackeller’s sunburnt country. Len White, surfer, photographer, farmer, house builder to sky diver (8,000 jumps – skydiver), draws the reader in, allowing them to stand in his shoes, as he traverses the wide brown land and the far lands, South Africa and Canada, for six decades with successes and failures. He lays his life bare, the good, the bad and the ugly. Just when the reader is despairing for him, he re-invents himself. I came away from reading Why Me knowing a good all-round Aussie bloke representative of Australia.


Miles Clark


Miles and Beryl Smeeton were perhaps the most adventurous couple of the 20th century. Separately and together, they travelled around the world by boat and on foot along some of the most dangerous routes, trekking across China and sailing around Cape Horn. High Endeavours is a remarkable book on several counts: it is an intimate and affectionate study of an extraordinary marriage, and an engrossing account of a life conceived as a long self-imposed test of human endurance and grace under stress . . . a life told here in such poignant and well-described detail that it has something of the luminous quality of a myth.

Jonathan Raban


 Sterling Hayden (Published by Alfred A. Knopf 1963)


Since its publication in 1963, Sterling Hayden’s autobiography, Wanderer, has been surrounded by controversy. The author was at the peak of his earning power as a movie star when he suddenly quit. He walked out on Hollywood, walked out of a shattered marriage, defied the courts, broke as an outlaw, set sail with his four children in the schooner Wanderer, bound for the South Seas. It is the candid, sometimes painfully revealing confession of a man who scrutinized his every self-defeat and self-betrayal in the unblinking light of conscience.


(A work in progress)


Pam Wall

Her childhood desire was to find an adventurous husband who would sail her around the world. In Fort Lauderdale Andy Wall sailed into her life.  As Pam says, “It’s not every woman who can say she had her honeymoon aboard the tiny thirty-foot sloop crossing the Atlantic.” She recalls that first passage was the happiest time of her life.

In 1985, the Wall family began a circumnavigation in their new 39-foot sloop, Kandarik. Six and half years later they sailed back into Port Everglades. They never told anyone where they were going. They lived privately, quietly and modestly, always keeping their family (and their boat) the most important part of their lives.

As the years passed Pam became the ‘go to’ person for anything to do with ocean sailing and the cruising life. This gallant, spirited lady, she has become a byword across America and presents Seminars across the country to packed audiences.

I am proud to have known Pam for five decades.

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